Premium Home Use Aqua Peeling Device!


Aqua Care, a home use skin care device

Picking out sebum and wastes in the pore

Giving moisturizing and nutrient for skin refreshing

The best household aqua peeler!   

Aqua Care, a home skincare device pulling
out sebum and bodily wastes thoroughly
and filling fully with moisture and nutrients

Reset Skin genes!


Reset the age through whitening, 

elasticity and anti-wrinkle enhancement 

Skin Curling,
a skincare device putting back the skin age

Real cooling therapy!


Method for restoring the swollen face 

to the original state very speedily!

Derma Cool, a real cooling therapy 

lowering the skin temperature

Return to Young Skin!


Skin Curling, a cute skin care device

Improving of brightening, 

elasticity and anti-wrinkle for your face

Returning your skin to young

Real cooling therapy!


Derma Cool, a handy cooling skin care device

Restoring the swollen face to the original state

Rapid cooling effect for your skin


With Beauty Co., Ltd is a beauty device and cosmetic 

company pursuing development of differentiated 

product and considering product integrity. 

We will make efforts for providing the best service 

with meeting your eye level and listening to you 

at all times.


Creative!, if it's not, we won't make it!

"Provide a special experience"

With Beauty has focused on development of beauty device and contributed to meeting personal desire for beauty through simplifying the complicated skincare routine

"Talk about our intensive devotion to a product"

Beginning from our future dream not yet to be realized, we think out an idea no one has thought of before and we believe we can make the best product

"OEM/ODM system"

Based on on-time delivery and reasonable prices, With Beauty continues to make efforts for securing excellent R&D personnel and technology to realize bigger potentiality in domestic and overseas market

"Beauty Device"

'With Beauty aims to lead personal beauty device market through development of products armed with high quality and highly competitive design


With Beauty Co., Ltd aims to develop high quality and good products causing no irritation to the skin. In addition, beginning with special cosmetics for beauty device (Devicemetic) creating synergy effect through combination of beauty device, our company is developing a new paradigm for cosmetic market

"R&D Center"

Our technology research and development institute aiming for the first and the best in beauty device and cosmetics area has creating its continuous growth based on ceaseless challenging and creating



Through branding and ODM/OEM business, our technology and creativity are recognized in beauty market.


We provide one-stop solution for all processes from development of product concept to delivery to end users


So far, it has won 60 patents,
certifications and design awards.


It is the average lead time for creating a
With Beauty product.


Creative!, if it's not, we won't make it!