The best beauty device providing the best product with the best technology and knowhow for keeping beauty

 / We pursue a global cosmetic company.


Beauty Device Business has started to meet the needs of customers wishing to get skincare at a reasonable price,

 ‘to the global beauty trend called Smart Home Esthetics’. With Beauty Co., Ltd aims to lead domestic personal beauty market 

through development of products armed with high quality and highly competitive design.  


DEVICEMETIC(Device & Cosmetics)

For cosmetic business, we aim to develop high quality products of good materials causing no irritation to the skin. 

In addition, beginning with special cosmetics for beauty device (Devicemetic) creating synergy effect through combination of beauty device, 

With Beauty Co., Ltd is developing a new paradigm for cosmetic market.


With Beauty Co., Ltd develops and produces good quality products by process optimization through OEM/ODM system. 

With Beauty Co., Ltd getting customers’ trust in beauty device market, based on on-time delivery and reasonable prices, continues to make efforts

 for securing excellent R&D personnel and technology to realize bigger potentiality in domestic and overseas market.


With Beauty Co., Ltd operates On-Line Shopping Mall ( connecting our products directly in B2B business 

and further with consumers in the name of value creation toward customer.  It is future-oriented platform where

 you can get a sense of a great imagination and differentiated items of With Beauty Co., Ltd.

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